My work centers around finding beauty in familiar, everyday objects and places.  I travel frequently and always try to have my camera with me.  In between taking shots of my family and children, I am often struck by the beauty of an object or landscape.  It’s not always the obvious shot that ends up in my artwork.

I also am drawn to gift shops and souvenirs, post cards, and key chains.  It probably is connected to the adventure I associate with travel from my Midwestern childhood.

My background in writing makes me particularly aware of the text in signs and the strange and ironic wordings that sometimes occur. There’s something about the bright colors, terseness, and directness that appeals to my visual and intellectual senses.  I admire a simple, alluring, well-designed message.

My 3-D work is centered around the concept of focusing attention around familiar objects which I collect and sort into categories I find interesting.  I like to get a feel for a place and identify the objects that represent the essence of that place.  The work is then framed in a way to make the viewer more aware of the beauty in everyday objects we often skim over or don’t register.

Jeremy Efroymson received his BA in Film and Video Studies from the University of Michigan in 1990 and his MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago in 1996.  He works primarily in photography, installation, and found object sculpture.

Contact Jeremy here.

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